Simple and Effective Online Poker Tips for Beginners

Poker is certainly the most popular casino game that is now available on the internet. There are many online sites available where you can play poker whenever you want and from wherever you are. Today, you can find thousands of sites where beginners as well as professional players can poker games, but if you are new to the game then you have to make sure that you know some important online poker tips that can keep you safe from losing more money and getting bankrupt. Although, not all online poker tips work because of the difference in situations but there are some basic online poker tips that beginners should keep in mind.Learning poker is a great thing but you should keep in mind that you can become the victim of some professional players that can almost bankrupt you with their professional techniques. Hence, before you play games on professional websites where you deal with real money you should look out for simple poker sites where you can play for fun. These websites are really good for beginners because they don’t have to invest any money to play poker games. Beginners can learn some excellent online poker tips on the site and move on the next level when they are confident.Always play your poker games on legitimate poker sites. You should always read the terms and conditions and find out if the poker site you want to play on is not a scam site. You can read some poker site reviews which will provide you with better information about which poker sites you should select and why.Decide your budget before you play poker games on the internet. Excitement can be deadly when you are playing online poker. Some professional players on the site lose because they want their opponents to feel better and come up with another challenge with a higher stake. Hence, even if you win more poker games don’t forget that you have a limited budget and anything you win is pure intelligence and luck.Play poker only for limited hours. You should never keep playing poker for long hours because it can quickly become an addiction. Play limited games for fun and logout from the account. You should always control your temptations while playing poker games on the web because that is what professional poker players do when they are playing their poker games with you.

Age of War Flash Game – Tips and Strategy

Age of War – is a great free online flash game, which combines elements of tower defense and anti-tower defense games. If you’re tired of all the tower defense games which all look alike, then this game is for you! In Age of War, you can build your defenses by buying different turrets, and when you have no place to set the turret to, buying additional turret spots. At the same time, you can train your troops to attack your enemy. You have a choice of just 3 troops – direct combat unit, long-range unit, and heavy unit. There are multiple ages in the game – starting from cavemen and dinosaurs, and all the way to lasers, tanks and air machines.Even though your options are limited (just 3 turret types and 3 unit types during each age), don’t let this fool you – there is plenty of strategy in choosing the right battle plan – both long-term strategy and short-term tactics. Here are a few possible strategies:1. Total defense. Forget about attacking your opponent – concentrate on defense. Spend most of your money on turrets and only train troops when the turrets are not fast enough to kill all the coming enemies. Since each side gets the most money for killing opponents troops, your opponent will get less money as he won’t kill many of your troops. When you have a good defense, you can accumulate some big amount, and overwhelm your opponent with a quick and devastating raid.2. Total offense. Forget about defenses – spend all your money on troops and overwhelm your opponent with your attacking force. This is somewhat hard to do on harder levels, so choose your troops wisely and plan ahead carefully.3. Balanced defense and offense. Build some turrets, but don’t forget about your troops – destroy coming wave of enemies with your troops and the help of the turrets, then let your troops attack your opponent to give you some time to accumulate the money for the next wave.Choose your strategy based on your preferred style and on difficulty level. Besides strategy, plan the order of your troops: watch out for coming enemies and build your troops in the order which will most effectively destroy them. For example, the most powerful combination is the heavy unit followed by long range unit – they will both deal the damage to the 1st enemy unit. Also, do not forget about special abilities – using them is the key at the start and middle of the game. Choosing the right moment to use your special ability can be the difference between winning and losing.